A student has forgotten their login

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Modified on: Thu, 22 Feb, 2024 at 6:00 AM

If the student knows which email address they used to register at morrisby.com, they can retrieve their password using 'Forgotten Login' on the login screen at morrisby.com: 

Alternatively, if the student does not receive the password reset email (this could be due to spelling error on the email address etc) you can create a Recovery Code to give them. This will allow them to access their account:

  • Log in to Morrisby Manager 
  • Select 'Students' and find the student who has forgotten their login
  • Select their name then in the 'Actions' drop-down select 'Create recovery Codes': 

  • Select 'Generate' in the 'Generate Recovery Codes' dialog window
  • To find the recovery code select the student's name in the list of students
  • Select 'Recovery Code' to reveal a 10 character code
  • Give the code to the student to enter on the Forgotten Login screen (please note the code below is an example code only):

If required you can also create multiple recovery codes for a group of students, downloadable as a CSV file.

  • Log in to Morrisby Manager
  • Select 'Students' and select the names of the students you need
  • In the 'Actions' drop-down select 'Create recovery Codes'
  • Select 'Generate' in the 'Generate Recovery Codes' dialog window
  • Go back to the 'Actions' drop-down and select 'Downloads':

  • Select the radio button 'Student details'
  • Select 'Download':

  • A CSV file will be created
  • Open the file to find the unique recovery code for each student as shown in the example below 
  • Recovery codes expire after 14 days
  • If a student remembers their login details, they will still be able to log in normally, despite a recovery code having been created

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